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Georgia Guthrie

890 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Georgia Guthrie 890 days ago
  1. Make biz cards that don't suck to show off your new portfolio
Georgia G
  1. Contact a local arts collective/hackerspace/makerspace/gallery/co-working space and ask to give a talk about your experience
  1. Find/build a community around a shared physical space or a topic you are really into
  1. Meetup.com in your area may be a good source of groups to join
  1. Teach a class or classes
  1. If you like working with kids, find a school or afterschool group and pitch them a recurring event involving hands-on activities or interactive programming. There's huge demand for this, and parents can usually pay $20+ per session
  1. Identify organizations in your area that have done work similar to what you're interested in, and find someone there for an "informational interview" about project goals or how you could be a technical/creative consultant for them
  1. Develop a skill that's easy to work freelance with; technical writing, video editing, programming, curriculum design, web design

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