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Jonathan Dahan

535 days ago
1532 days ago
Zach L Cinder
Pure Data
  • NodeBox3 Gallery
  • NodeBox Example
Andy C DrawBot
Zach L Polycode
motoishmz Mobilizing
Zach L touch designer
Structure Synth
context free
  • Three.JS
Moises S
  • Turbine
  • David Lobser
  • Recursive Three.js web app
  • a simple web based tool which is capable of generating complex and life-like 3d models and animation.
  • Raphael.js
Zach L
  • Audio
  • SuperCollider
  • chuck
  • pd
  • Audulus
  • Impromptu
  • usine
  • abelton live
data vis
  • Computer Vision
big libs
  • toxiclibs - for processing, has audio, color, geometry, math, physics
  • memo's addons
  • ???
  • Command Line
  • beaglebone
Moises S
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Series of Small Lectures with alot of code.
  • Computer Vision
  • General Principles
  • Code Example
  • OpenCV is the core library
  • Sometimes students have written the version of OpenCV
  • Ninja Level Experience
  • Describe an Algorythm and you have to make it.
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Nature of Code Examples in OF
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Moises S Binary Numbers
Basis of computation.
  • What do they mean what do they feel like.
  • In terms of code who wants to learn what.
  • Think about this topic from the standpoint of pedagogy.
  • When I say Binary numbers what do you think of.
  • 0 1 0 1
  • Machine language.
  • A light switch.
  • Input/Output
  • True and False
  • They are the building blocks.
  • There are only 10 different kinds of people in the world.
  • Audacity import Raw Data.
  • Doesn't know anything about the file.
  • Every pixel translated into every decibel in audio.
  • If we add noise to the image and save it again as raw
  • The poetic side of Binary numbers.
  • Signaling systems.
  • Using 0 1 to represent something else.
  • Thinking about Binary numbers as an information display.
  • We are used to counting in base ten.
  • Alot of things that make up code is made up of binary numbers.
  • Computers are a machine that push electricity at a constant rate.
  • It uses electricity to build things that create computation.
  • 256 values with 8 zeros and ones.
  • Binary numbers as permutations.
  • Rotary Encoder
  • A knob, you want to figure out how much you have rotated the knob.
  • A lot of them work optically.
  • The systems is not always perfect (Gray Code).
  • John F. Simon Jr. Every Icon
  • 32 X 32
  • How many combinations is this
Chris Harrison
  • Some bits are more important than others.
  • Least significant bit, most significant bit.
  • Stenography load secret messages.
  • What is the most important informations vs the least important
  • Design a tool or a game  to teach this concept.
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1331 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Dahan 1331 days ago
Casey G
  • YES. Would be happy to schedule something if there's a few people who want help getting it running. Otherwise I'm happy to go over how I did it with you whenever!
Jonathan D
  • would love to help with this
1336 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Wohl , Jonathan Dahan , Tega Brain , Le Wei 1336 days ago
The SFPC Workshops @ Eyeo
Tega B Deadlines:
  • Final workshop descriptions to be added here by Friday 25th April
  • Workshop booking system to be open for May
  • One workshop is to be held per teacher
  • A repeat or second workshop if co-teaching
  • 5 participants per workshop
  • Workshops to run Wed, Thurs, Fri (1pm - 3pm?) - time TBC with Dave.
  • Eyeo schedule tba in the first week of May. We will open up the booking for workshops following this. 
To do
  • Send descriptions to Dave for next week
  • Send Dave twitter details and images of SFPC workshops
  • Request draft Eyeo schedule to avoid competition
  • Set up webpage with SFPC with workshop descriptions and links to booking system
  • Equipment list (we need to source here and take gear with us)
Workshop Descriptions (in progress)
Eat the data, smell the data
This workshop will encourage participants to think about ways of physically representing data or data combinations. How can data be experienced, felt or tasted? How does this experience change how it is understood? 
This workshop will focus on developing provocative/artistic approaches that create an experience relating to the meaning of the data rather than its production as beautiful abstract visualisations.
Le W Personal social data analysis
Tega B How does a quantitative analysis of your social life compare to your intuitive impression of it? Analyze your  own  recent social behaviours by creating a data visualization of your  social interactions using data stored by your smart phone. This  workshop introduces data vizualization techniques for analysing your relationships using Processing.
Le W This session will focus especially on relationships (relationships in general not just relationship relationships) and how to visualize their evolution over time. Could be from a variety  of sources, not just phone - social networks, foursquare (just found  this cool thing today http://alongside.co/)
Jonathan W I want Pi: OF on RaspberryPi  
Learn the basics of getting OF running on RaspberryPi.  We'll go through the steps of setting up the Pi, installing the  ARM-ready release of openFrameworks, and compiling projects on the  RaspberryPi, as well as talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the  Pi as a platform for OF projects. What types of projects are well suited  to running OF on the RPi? We'll finish by writing a small OF  application that uses video input and outputs audio.
Text, Context, and Algorithmic Meaning 
Intro to the OuLiPo followed by a discussion related to generative  design, data visualization, and the 'potentials' of code. We'll look at  examples of Oulipian constraints, along with some produced texts, and  develop some of our own constraint-based exercises, both on paper and in  code.
Jonathan D Taking Command
Use  the commandline to create new connections and artwork. Class will  start out with some interesting examples, history and theory. Students  will then create programs that read from stdin and write to stdout, and  create one giant program that does...something fun.
Le W Jonathan Dahan - I (Le) would be interested in helping you with this! More people need to know how to use command line >:)
Why not run the color workshop?
Tega B OpenFrameworks workshop---Mobile­ Apps
openFrameworks  is a cross-platform tool which means it not only can build apps for our  laptop, but also can build mobile apps for our phone and tablet. In  this workshop, we will learn how to use OF to build our first mobile app  on iOS. 
In  workshop, we will walk through all basic knowledge about building iOS  apps with OF, such as setting up iOS development environment,  using  multi-touch, coding first iOS game and exploring openFrameworks iOS  addons.
We are looking for all OF enthusiasts to join us.
 1) Games for teaching and learning computation. Developing analog pedagogical tools for teaching programming
^^^  Games for learning/teaching programming - maybe this could be  incorporated in the above. So we do a couple of exercises developing  games for teaching 
Developing analog pedagogical tools for teaching programming
  • binary 
  • algorithmic processes
 @Mini -  You mentioned you want to help with data viz, want to help with this one? :)
¬∑ Personal social data analysis. How does a quantitative analysis of your social life compare to your intuitive impression of it? Analyze your own recent social behaviours by creating a data visualization of your social interactions using data stored by your smart phone. This workshop introduces data vizualization techniques using Processing. (Mini is interested in helping  out)

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