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Jonathan Dahan

855 days ago
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My work varies from traditional to contemporary style.
919 days ago
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  • Todd Anderson; word hacker, hearthstone badass (lol, i'm not even that good (facehunter detected)) & auto-hotkey interpretive dancer @toddwords 
943 days ago
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All the power of big companies comes from the genius creative people they employ. Those people are payed a ton of money, in return they sign off a bunch the rights to prioritize and manage their own time and to often to share what they are working on. A lot of people face the choice of signing up with corporate culture in exchange for a comfortable lifestyle with the luxuries wealth affords you or to work on things they deeply believe in. I want to create a way for these not to be mutually exclusive a union where skilled creative workers can consistently be aligned with their cores values and ways they like to work. 
  1. No NDA's - all workers should be able to share what they are working on with theirs peers and loved ones and even publicly. Possible exception could be that companies can pay a significant fee say x10 of persons salary into the unions grant pool if they do insist on an NDA.
Jonathan D
  1. No Non-Competes - all workers should be able to re-use the knowledge and artifacts built during a project for future work.
Jonathan D
  • Are dated NDAs ok? Like don't share your work until the show is live/over? I prefer blanket no NDA, but for live events, the element of surprise can be useful.
  1. No white labeling
  • What constitutes white labling? Certainly not having a person's name on the credits page is bad, but what about on the landing page? Example: Bank B gives a grant to a Museum to make a mobile app. In the app store, the developer is listed as the Musuem. I feel like the 'NO NDA' helps cover one of the main issues here.
  • Is this to prevent, say, Example 2: A Local Projects Company hires a developer to build out some backend software for *a big opening*. On A Local Projects Company website, the developer is never listed. Should it be 'in partnership with Local Projects & dev X & designer Y & ...'
  1. Transparency
  1. Openness about who gets payed what to ensure fairness. 
  •  could this also cover the ability to share how much one was paid?
  1. Moral contracts
  •  i like this elastic clause 
A template document, where the satement of values is the encouraged area for personal edits, can really have weight especially if businesses see it again and again (kinda like we get used to NDA after the initial shock...)
With the grants, if we are transparent about how much money is going to grants, the businesses may be able to write that off as tax-free...
1013 days ago
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  • heat sinks
Jonathan D
  • cover up your U16 part on the raspberry pi 2! or xenon flash will kill it:
1309 days ago
1310 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Wohl , Jonathan Dahan 1310 days ago
Jonathan W
  •  Nice, this looks promising... I had come across some documentation using parted, but this looks simpler. I'll give it a go.
Jonathan D
  • Remote Access
If you are using internet connection sharing, ssh is the way to go
And if you want X, then you can use tightvncserver
But if you want framebuffer, there is only dispmanx_vnc, which has a bug where you can't use the mouse :(
I am looking at modifying the source to make sure uinput is being set correctly
But maybe it should be evdev and not uinput? I don't know
1317 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Taeyoon Choi , Jonathan Dahan 1317 days ago
Taeyoon C Spring 2014 Documentation
 Documentation requirement 
format by Tega Brain
Final event 
Occupy Here 
I have the memory  stick, how to retrieve data? Jonathan Dahan
Jonathan D
  • If you boot up the occupy here router, then go to menu > admin  you can download an archive of what people uploaded (no password, root username)
Taeyoon C Sound 
yoyo's go pro
taeyoon's camera 
drawings and notes 
  • Ryota Okawa your sketchbook is still at sfpc. come and get it on friday, ill be there 

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