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achim koh

913 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by achim koh 913 days ago
achim k Podcast planning
Ideas for the sfpc podcast(working title)
The podcast aims to serve as a channel to share the ideas behind the school and the approaches that are taken by the participating people. One initial motivation was to capture and document the classes (or the teaching). While teaching materials or video/audio recordings of the actual classes are options for that goal, this podcast could focus more on having the teachers talk about the philosophy and pedagogy of the school.
The first few installments could feature:
  • Founders & steering committee of sfpc, discussing the generic topics such as
  • the philosophy behind sfpc
  • the school's history so far
  • its future goals and plans
  • Teachers participating in this summer's code poetry session, discussing their take on the medium and their approach on teaching
As the working flow gets established, it might be a good idea to reach out to:
  • Teachers from upcoming & past sessions
  • Alumni not directly involved but continuing their work in interesting ways
Some tactics
  • keep it short (preferably < 30min)
  • keep it focused
  • keywords: code, art, poetry, technology, etc... but probably better to be more specific than that. It could be one or a couple of recurring questions.
  • prepare questions list / script beforehand
  • think of talking guidelines fitting target audience: for example, how much should some terminology be explained easily?
  • having a host is probably a good idea
  • having a person in charge for recording, editing and publishing is a must
  • having transcripts is good, but also labor-intensive. sharing just related links and course materials (in case of teachers) will be easier and yet still helpful (it's really necessary).
  • Do a test record at Babycastles
  • Define audio edit procedures
  • Audacity is the go-to tool, any other DAW that the person in charge is familiar with will work too
  • ozone 6 is a nice plug-in for things such as noise reduction
  • Waves X-noise will also do well
  • compression(not file compression) will be needed. but I also think ozone 6 has presets for podcasting, should work fine enough
  • Setup publishing tools & accounts
  • direct download
  • regular xml podcast using itunes / wordpress / etc
  • itunes seems to be the way. could use soundcloud to provide recent episodes or favorites, while providing link to rss feed / direct downloads
  • Ask todd for a tuning signal?
  • Set recording schedule w/ teachers
  • Trying to record on the same day when they are teaching could work, it might not always be optimal
  • Before or after the summer session?
  • Set publishing schedule
Interesting podcast links
  • single recurring question (how to people work?)
  • using existing recordings(from TED) to weave a new story is cool (but also labor-intensive)
Less interesting links
  • 'art + tech + podcast' search results
  • observation on some existing art+tech podcasts
  • mostly recordings of interviews via hangouts
  • audio quality varies
  • interview of an artist and their work
1158 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Taeyoon Choi 1158 days ago
Zach L
  • (I have one of these if you want to test) . as I recall they record *very* big / raw files however -- I'm not sure this is ideal.   I don't remember alot of compression options on capture and also the system can be a bit finicky (it doesn't really detect format problems and just shows black if the camera is giving an incompatible format.  I usually have to use a TV to adjust settings on a camera w/ this recorder).  
Taeyoon C
  • getting few extra SD cards will be helpful for now. we have to manually download and uncompress large avchd files and move to mac mini.. still looking for better solution. 

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