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Casey Gollan

1511 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Zach Lieberman , Moises Sanabria , Claire Lin , Casey Gollan 1511 days ago
Zach L Tools
  • java (subset / library)
  • intended for artists
  • quick sketching
  • processing IDE 
  • eclipse or other alternatives
  • john maeda
  • ben fry / casey reas
  • inspired by design by numbers 
  • MIT aesthetic and computation group (elise co, golan levin, peter cho, ben, casey)
  • well documented
  • cross platform
  • 2001, used to be called bagel :)
  • processing.js (john ressig)
  • java applet pain
  • books
  • schiffman - learning processing, nature of code
  • MIT book from Ben & Casey
  • visualizing data
  • many more....
  • mobile support
  • android
  • for artists
  • "sketching tool"
  • immediate mode
  • library, library support (user contibuted code)
  • c++
  • library that wraps opengl, freeImage, freeType, quick time, opencv
  • ~2005
  • MIT ---> acu (private, close source library), c++  (1990-1998)
  • golan + zach making projects with ACU
  • acu for 2000+
  • addons (user contributed code)
  • cross platform
  • open source
  • good for media, image processing, computer vision, realtime
  • Cinder
  • C++, Andrew Bell, Barbarian Group. 
  • smart pointers
  • system level libraries
  • robert hodgin
  • agency focus
  • open source
  • vvvv
  • patching based environment
  • commerical license
  • real time operations
  • MaxMSP/Jitter
  • Pure Data
  • QuartzComposer
  • NodeBox
  • Polycode
  • context free
  • scriptographer
  • shaders
  • iquilezles
  • javascripts
  • Three.JS
  • Processing.js
  • Paper.Js
  • d3.js
  • Raphael.js
  • audio
  • SuperCollider
  • chuck
  • pd
  • Audulus
  • Impromptu
  • usine
  • abelton live
  • data vis
  • computer vision
  • ccv
  • big libs
  • toxiclibs
1504 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mini Kim , Casey Gollan 1504 days ago
Tue or Wed (Could we do Wednesday during the afternoon? like 2pm?)
Casey G I will BRING the Color-aid, my art-skool friends still have TONS of it lying around from freshmen year color class :) and will also pick up the other supplies before Wed.
Cutting mats
1500 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Casey Gollan 1500 days ago
  • add some bots to irc +1!
  • show people irc chat thanks! thx!
1496 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Taeyoon Choi , Zach Lieberman , Casey Gollan 1496 days ago
Taeyoon C Final event 
Past week, I've been communicating with Eyebeam to host sfpc final event. Current progress is that we have positive feedback from programs director, and we need to answer some questions (below) to get executive confirmation. 
The exhibition, or event, will be Nov 22~27. so it's not very long, because of Thanksgiving Holiday. Also we want to deinstall the show before some students will return home. We can't really ship art work, or deinstall for you. Please arrange your schedule accordingly, or coordinate with another student to plan deinstall. And since it's a short exhibit, we should be careful about putting too much energy in installation and try not to make anything too big that will be trash right after the show! (Its not only bad for the environment, but it costs alot to throw stuff out in NYC) 
They have availability in Main Space and Workshop Space, but not in Bookstore and Common Area. 
This is an outdated floorplan, the space in far left is now entrance (bookstore) and Lobby Entrance with 9'7'' door is now Workshop space. 
if you haven't been there, it's a large space with high ceiling. 
This is a link to Interactivos? exhibition Zach, Fredrich and I curated in 2008
 this was part of my exhibition in 2008 .
 some random pictures i found online. 
 The space is also good for performance. 
 Eyebeam suggests we use Workshop area (former Lobby) and part of Main Area. Set up might be similar to Prism Breakup exhibition. or it can be different. We will probably not use all the Main space, because it's huge. but close to half or 1/3 of space. 
 so..i'm happy to lead curating of the final exhibition, but if someone wants to curate, or collaborate, im even happier to share the duty. 
A. curating: this entails, thinking about works, text, installation, PR, inviting writers, etc 
B. design: print, branding, web, invite, exhibition design
C. tech: making tech list, working with eyebeam technicians, 
D. Logistics: budget, cash control, opening, reception, cleaning. 
E. Documentation
Casey G
  • Eyebeam Space Application
Taeyoon C These are questions from Eyebeam we need to answer to get confirmation on event. 
1. Main contact person and contact information
Casey G Admin: Casey Gollan / casey@sfpc.io / 914.471.0959
Curatorial: Taeyoon Choi / taeyoon@sfpc.io / 347.836.1388
Would be good to have a curatorial contact. For now, Taeyoon?
Taeyoon C 2. Proposed date and time of event
Casey G Friday November 22, 6-9pm
Taeyoon C 3. Event description
4. Space requirements/request
5. Expected attendance and type of audience (i.e., coders, makers, hackers, business folks, artists, scientists, designers, etc)
6. List of collaborators, co-sponsors, funders
Casey G Exhibiting Students: Andy Clymer, Claire Lin, Ishac Bertran, Jason Levine, Jessica Wolpert, Jonathan Dahan, Jonathan Wohl, Le Wei, Mini Kim, Moises Sanabria, Motoi Shimizu, Paul Cheng, Rachel Uwa, Simona De Rosa, Tega Brain
SFPC: Amit Pitaru, Zach Lieberman, Jen Lowe, Taeyoon Choi, Casey Gollan
Sponsors: We can list school sponsors and probably also get event sponsors for things as needed.
Taeyoon C 7. Budget available
Casey G Up to $1000.
Taeyoon C 8. How will the event be publicized?
Casey G On our mailing list, social media, to press contacts, relevant list-servs/blogs, friends and family. Possible to promote to Eyebeam's audience? (Bet we could think of some cool guerilla promotions for the show too?)
Taeyoon C 9. Technical requirements (audio, video, projection, lighting, etc.)
10. Presentation requirements (chairs, panel presentation tables, podium, etc.)
11. Is there an admission cost or free of charge to attend?
Casey G Free and open to the public.
Taeyoon C 12. Will there be a reception?
Zach L Yes! (Nov. 22, 6 - 9pm.) And some performances of electronic instruments seems really important.  (Last night, there was a great happy birthday off the circuit from Taeyoon's class). 
Taeyoon C 13. What additional infrastructure will be needed to realize event?
14. If applicable, do you have a liability insurance policy?
Casey G Not applicable. (I think.)
1496 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Zach Lieberman , Simona De Rosa , Casey Gollan 1496 days ago
11/6 - cedric keifer www.onformative.com --> @  Jason Levine  this is the guy who did this amazing video we watched at the youtube night http://www.onformative.com/work/unnamed-soundsculpture/ 
yang02 (31st Oct to 6th Nov ) -- maybe do the senseless graffiti workshop
party party.jp
Casey G lauren mccarthy
What was this tweet! I missed it, a month ago!
1496 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Casey Gollan , Tega Brain 1496 days ago
Casey G
1500 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Casey Gollan 1500 days ago
  • I agree with Motoi about the calendars, lots of classes are moving around or being cancelled and it would be great to keep the Google calendar up to date as soon as a change happens.
Casey G
  • I noticed that because everybody is always here, the whiteboard calendar has become the most frequently updated and visible place to look for a current schedule. I think everybody in the school is an editor on the SFPC Google calendar, so it'd be great if everyone could take part in keeping the calendar up to the date with both classes (as they shift around) and also interesting events around NYC.

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