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blog: Many of my ideas/reflections/responses are on my sfpc blog, where I'm trying to post daily.  It's here: sfpc.zanarmstrong.com
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   Zach's class... add your code!
   800x800 image
    for (int i = 0; i < myImg.getWidth(); i++){
        for (int j = 0; j < myImg.getHeight(); j++){
            pixels[ (int)(j * 800 + i)] = sin(i * j)  * 178.0 + 178.0;
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  • Email 
Using 'Mail' & GPG key
  • I tried this and right now it is buggy and crashes the mail app but it is the easiest to set up...
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Unfiled. Edited by Meme 903 days ago
  • OF
  • ACU (aesthetics and computation group) -- MIT Media Lab / John Maeda / Elise Co / Peter Cho / Ben Fry / Casey Reas 
  • Theo Watson / MAC
  • Arturo Castro / Linux
  • c++ / 90's, not open source
  • DIWO - do it with others
  • Simplicity
  • consistant and intuitive naming convention
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Unfiled. Edited by Sarah GP 903 days ago
  • Day One - program a dance
  • Thinking about language design as a creative practice. 
  • code allows us to execute post human thoughts
  • ways of thinking that go beyond thinking as a human
  • code is a thought amplification device
  • this is structured by languages which are all human made, negotiated, a series of decisions.
  • Ramsey language examples like 
  • emojii language
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Unfiled. Edited by Zan Armstrong 904 days ago
For Zach (usually around Mon/Tues/Wed): 
  • challenge: get as many particles as you can interacting with each other in real time
if you want to do things that are reactive, talk to Zach
  • play with particle systems and particle-particle interactions
  • look at John Whitney & make a John Whitney tribute with sin & cos
  • make something beautiful with sin and cos
  • print out some code, and annotate it
  • write some code by hand (on paper)
  • pick a tool/language and jam with it. 

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