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(and other such reading)
1319 days ago
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Highly subjective cheat sheet of various programming languages, toolkit and data formats.
  • what the documentation is like
  • what the community is like
  • what they are most commonly used for
  • 3 - 5 things that are handy to know about them that might not be evident to a newcomer
  • a learning resource or two, the best documentation available,  and how to access the community for support (include any notes on culture and etiquette)
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  • Mon 4/21
  • Tue 4/22
Yellow Thread Society  Get-Together (via Ida)
6:30pm, Hill & Dale, 115 Allen St (6 blocks from SFPC)
I co-organize this with Chloe  Varelidi of the Mozilla Foundation. The Yellow Thread Society is New  York's first regular get-together featuring women in games. For this month we are addressing the topic of online communities in games and tech, their nuances, dynamics and how to manage issues such as online harassment. We will have brilliant featured guests with a long time experience in building communities and how they can become powerful forces for good. 
*** People of all genders welcome to attend! ***
1324 days ago
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There was a really interesting scene of music/code in Australian in the 1970s. This guy, Warren Burt, is still going strong.
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Be sure to link to any info on the application process. Note due dates and requirements.

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