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Goal: Manipulate TTL QUAD NAND gates to make All possible binary logic gates including XOR 
Concepts: Functional completeness of NAND 
1439 days ago
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This pad is for me to keep track of resources and designs for using and understanding op amps for amplification and signal generation. This stuff is really the dark alley of analog circuits, and things gets pretty complex very easily, unreadable, and not usable. I don't understand most of it other than some theory and practical use. so I will stick to few simple objectives which can be used by sfpc students projects right away. 
1465 days ago
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In this class we will cover following concepts by building tiny drum machine. Please sign up to the Basic or Deluxe class session. Note Deluxe class may continue on Friday morning and continue over two weeks while I'm away. I am ordering special parts for those who want to make breadboard drum machine and synthesizers. Maybe we can form an ALL LOGIC band to perform at our final event. 
  1. CLOCK: Ring oscillator 
  1. INPUT: Potentiometer and light sensor 
  1. OUTPUT: Speaker and op amp/ quick introduction  
  1. Sine Wave
  1. Counter, MUX, Shift register: Let's put our memory for good use:
1471 days ago
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Sign up 
10 am
7 people max 
1475 days ago
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1481 days ago
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Slides from lecture #2 are online  http://www.slideshare.net/tchoi8/circuits-2ndday 
Will publish officially with notes this week. 

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