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Intentions for SFPC
  • Develop artistic ideas in relation to: 
  • The current state of cameras & image taking. 
  • Develop a framework for categorizing/understanding & communicating about
  • images made by humans for humans
  • images made by humans for machines
  • images made by machines for humans
  • images made by machines for machines
  • The implications of computational portraiture
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i just made a small dot point summary of things we've looked at. it's not exhaustive in any way, and includes projects and ideas of my own, but thought i'd share anyway. Summary.rtf
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  • 4/30 image poem writer-escalator ver.
Every day on the way to the school, I saw this graffiti on the escalator of Delancey st. station. It gives me a feeling of poem. 
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Using node.js to begin web scraping from prominent art gallery websites in the interest of collecting all of the language used to describe the works exhibited
Still trying to figure out what is interesting about this idea. It stems a lot from Joshua Simon's writing on 'Neomaterialism' as well as my own interest in the preponderance of trendy materials, largely in sculpture
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Goal: Create a haiku generator using a song title library.

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