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  • Overview
  • 2-week program for writers and poets who want to learn to code or push the boundaries of what's possible with text -- it's also for coders and technologists who want to incorporate narrative and poetry into their work.
  • Primarily working with JavaScript and Python
  • Encouraging students to come with a project in mind, a question they want to explore, or just an excitement to learn. We'll work together to build upon ideas over the two weeks and share our projects with each other at the end of the session.
890 days ago
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Now that you've finished SFPC you're going to want to continue making cool stuff, learning and hanging out with inspiring people. This pad is a collection of ideas and suggestions previous students/teachers/friends have that help with this 'now what' question.
902 days ago
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  • Conformation Letter
913 days ago
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Ideas for the sfpc podcast(working title)
914 days ago
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  • Call to Apply 
SFPC Code Poetry Summer session
914 days ago
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  • Kick-Off meeting
Who would the participants be?
  • people with day jobs, kids and other commitments - international people who can only take two weeks off
  • encourage them to take some time off (more than just the evenings) 
  • todd: writers who want to code
  • people who are curious and want to be more creative, make time for their side projects, create something outside of a "job"
  • people who get educational stipend through their company

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