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14spring - provocations
1321 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Zak Greene 1321 days ago
  • lee/hiro/zak questions
  • how do i use/do github, irc, circuit bending?
  • how can i make the web tangible? (something you can manipulate/touch)
  • what is the best way to learn circuit/hardware/hardware hacking?
  • what is the main point of distinction between face to face and online communication?
  • what kinds of rituals/habits exist or can be made to ensure we don't become screen addicted cyborgs?
  • what new ways to extend forms of books/ebooks/etc can be made to add texture, color, physical factor, etc?
  • thinking of programs like Kid Pix, what are new programs/tools that can democratically open up art and music-making to a wider participant group?
  • is there folk new media art (geocities pages, myspace layouts, fan fiction, cosplay)? are there ways to explore, support, and share it?
1321 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Zak Greene 1321 days ago
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